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When we asked students at NS who would choose to stay home if they had a vulnerable family member, just over half, 53 percent of students would stay home. The other 47 percent would take the risk. I personally do stay home from school. My dad has a disease called Cystic Fibrosis, and if he got the corona-virus then he would most likely be hospitalized, he could lose years off his life, and he could possibly die. 

As a result, my brothers, my sister, and I all made the choice to stay at home and do our learning online to protect our dad. Our parents gave us the option to go to school if we wanted and social distance from our dad, or stay home, away from friends and teachers, but able to be around our dad. We all chose the same. We wanted to be with our dad.

Staying at home is hard. I have to stay at home every day. I almost never go anywhere except to the school in the mornings when I go to a journalism class where my brother, dad, and I all sit in a back room with the door closed, and my dad teaches the class through speakers we set up so the other students would be able to hear him. We are behind glass even when we are around people. We can see our friends right through the glass, but we can’t be with them. Most days are a struggle for me. I really don’t like that I have to be away from everyone, but I feel like it’s the right thing to do. 

My family and I love to go places. We go on lots of drives together. But since the virus has hit we haven’t been able to go hardly anywhere. We also love spending time with people, but the virus has also ruined that as well. We are very careful in making sure that we are safe and protected from this virus. The reason we can’t get out much isn’t just because of the virus itself. Some people just aren’t very careful when it comes to the coronavirus. 

Some people think it’s a joke and a hoax. That really makes it hard for us to get out and do things with others. Some people don’t want to wear masks to protect themselves and others. They just don’t care, and so we have to be even more cautious to make sure we don’t get the virus. So many people just don’t think the virus is dangerous, and for many it really isn’t. 

But for some others like my dad it can be serious, and it can really damage some people severely. 

I know it’s not a big deal for most people, and that is why they don’t like to wear masks or be careful and I understand that. It just makes it so much harder for the people who do have to be careful to do anything at all. That is why my brothers, sister, and I all stay home from school. It’s because some people just aren’t safe to be around.