June 8, 2023

NS Times Latest Videos

“It’s good to know that there is someone there that you can always go to.” – Natalya Benson

NS Times Christmas 2020 coverage video 1 – Christmas meaning!

NS Times Christmas 2020 coverage video 2 – Christmas traditions!

NS Times Christmas 2020 coverage video 3 – Christmas lights!

Got a family gathering or just a sweet tooth this winter season? Check out this Kladdkaka Swedish Sticky Cake Recipe! Happy eating!

What does connection mean to you? Hope, a reporter on our NS Times staff, went and asked people around our community this exact question, see what they had to say in this video!

Got a craving for something salty, but are all out of potato chips? Try making your own homemade twisted pretzels with this how-to video by Athena DeGroff. Hope you enjoy!

Craving something sweet this quiet quarantine afternoon? Well we have just the treat for you, watch as Emily Kersiek shows you how to make Chocolate Churro Muddy Buddies! Enjoy!

Is isolation getting the best of you? Feeling hungry maybe…? Test your boredom baking skills as Audrey Inglish shows you how to make an Apple Pie (with a lattice top!)

In this time of quarantine, if you need a new pet to keep you company, why not try a guinea pig? We have all you need to know about your potential new best friend in this video and in the accompanying story here. http://nstimes.org/2020/04/guinea-pig-care-and-advice/

Every morning at NS, school begins about an hour before health experts recommend adolescents should be awake and functioning. As if waking up early to get to school at 8:13 isn’t enough, dozens of students come to school every morning almost an hour earlier, just to do some more learning.