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The year 2020 is an unusual year in many aspects, including the fact that NS has the most new teachers they have had in twelve years. There are seven new teachers to include within the staff and each brings out something different and unique. 

Alex Bailey

Alex Bailey is the new speech and debate teacher along with the facilitator of the online classes. Even though she doesn’t know much about speech and debate, earning her major in English qualifies her to teach the class and provides the opportunity to give her the ability to learn more. 

Teaching with her former teachers is, in a way, weird to Bailey with the realization that she has been out of high school that long. However, in other ways, it is still the same. 

“I still see them as my mentors and that’s what they’re still doing for me now,” Bailey said. 

As a teacher, it is rewarding for Bailey to be able to explain and then watch her students understand and grasp the concept of what she is teaching and being able to see them grow. 

“The process of teaching people is all the same, and it’s really rewarding to see people get it and seeing them grow,” Bailey said. “That’s really why I like doing it.”

Austin Hadley

Austin Hadley is now teaching Math 1, Math 1 Honors, Physics and Intro to Engineering. 

The lifestyle of a teacher is what brought Hadley to seek out his career as a teacher. The freedom that teaching allows, gives time to be with family when school is out due to a holiday or school breaks, and family is an important part of Hadley’s life. Both his parents are teachers and therefore, could go to his ball games and had time off when he was off.

“We were always together and I think that’s a pretty good lifestyle,” Hadley said. 

Teaching also brings a lot of opportunities for coaching. Hadley played golf, baseball and basketball in his high school career, and wants to continue with the sports as a coach. He is currently helping with boys golf, and in the spring will be coaching baseball. In the future, he is thinking of applying for the girls basketball position.

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts is the new Weight Training and PE teacher here at NS. He started his career teaching at Desert Hills High School in St. George, later came to NS and then went back to Desert Hills. He has a Master’s Degree in sports conditioning and performance.

Growing up here in Sanpete, it is great for Roberts and his family to be back home. He grew up with a lot of the staff here at NS and has worked with others previously before transferring back to Desert Hills. 

Roberts has always been an active person. He loves to be outdoors, moving, and especially playing sports. 

“I really enjoy seeing kids get the subject material that I teach and to be passionate about it and to want to improve and be better,” Roberts said. 

Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs is the new Learning Strategies and Language Arts Tier 3 teacher at NS. 

With most high school students, they don’t have much of a desire to learn, which will occasionally create a challenge for teachers. However, Briggs is up for the challenge. 

“I like to learn, and I hope that I can influence others to like to learn,” Briggs said. 

From teaching before at Provo High School, Briggs has had experience with teaching and with the youth. Although she enjoys interacting with the staff, her main goal is to help students succeed. 

“I want to help you guys be successful and get through high school and I like the challenge,” Briggs said. 

Jens Andreasen

Jens Andreasen is now teaching Natural Resources, Beginning and Advanced Welding, Plant and Soil Science, and Agriculture Biology.

Straight from college, Andreasen chose NS to begin his career and enjoys the staff here. 

“They haven’t tried to haze me or anything so it’s all good,” said Andreasen. 

As Andreasen has looked back to his high school years, he has realized and is very grateful for their ability to help him better himself and wants to return that for the students he teaches. 

“They helped me learn things that I use in my life to this day,” said Andreasen, “and I just want to have the chance to return to other kids what I was given in high school.” 

James Swapp

James Swapp is the new Freshman Academy and learning strategies teacher here at NS.

Growing up in Sanpete, Swapp loves the environment and the great community here which is why he chose NS to begin his teaching career and get his foot in the door. Although he loves being back in the school, it is weird to be co-workers with his former teachers. 

“It’s kinda weird because they were my teachers growing up,” Swapp said, “so it’s pretty weird to be at meetings with them. I love it, but it’s different.” 

Swapp has grown to love working with people, and especially with the youth and kids. 

“I actually really love working with people and children and kids in particular,” Swapp said, ”so I feel like that’s a really pivotal point in a person’s life.” 

With his love of sports, Swapp ties it into his lessons which helps to engage the kids in his teaching. 

“I enjoy sports so I always wrap those into my lessons,” said Swapp, “so do a lot of the kids so it’s perfect.”

Cheyne Christensen

Cheyne Christensen is the new teacher of web development, computer programming, digital business applications, and computer science principles. 

NS is where Christensen went through his high school career and his teachers inspired him to be the teacher he is today. 

“I loved the teachers I had,” Christensen said. “It’s weird to be in the role that I looked up to when I was in school…They always made me feel great and I hope to be able to return that favor by helping a student feel the way my teachers made me feel.” 

To go along with his love for teaching, Christensen loves sports and tries to run his class the way he would run a practice. 

“Allowing the students to be themselves, to make mistakes,” said Christensen, “but then allowing them to make the adjustments and realize the mistakes they made and figure out how to perform better or do class better.”