One of the main qualities of high school students is that they are constantly hungry. With all the sports going on and the fact that they are young, they will never turn down some extra food. That’s why the new grab-bags the school has recently provided have proven to be popular among many students.

“Ya know, sometimes you just need a snack,” said sophomore Ava Lamb, “especially after a long school day.”

Now that school days have been lengthened, the grab and go snacks are something students look forward to.

“They usually include a peanut butter sandwich, a donut, or sometimes it’s lunchables,” said NS lunch manager Melanie Smith. “We switch it off, they get a main thing, then a fruit, juice, and chips.”

The juice is among the most popular of the grab-bag items and with the lunch ladies getting about 140 students a day, the juice runs out quickly. 

“[The grab bags] are a second chance for kids to get something to eat,” Smith said. “I think a lot of kids struggle with not having food at home, so this is a chance for them to be able to have something.”

Due to the global pandemic that we are currently facing, the state has given permission to serve the grab-bags for free until the end of June. This could be very beneficial for children who are facing that problem. They will be able to get free food the whole school year.

“We don’t want any kids to be hungry,” said Smith.