This year NS clubs have seen a loss in membership and a lack of activity after a slow start to the year. In fact, several clubs have had to shut down their usual activities because of the coronavirus.

“We have basically done nothing this year because there was the mandate for a while of not having any gatherings and all that kind of jazz,” said French Club Advisor Jori Turpin. “So we have not done anything this year because of Covid.”

Ordinarily, the French club would soon be going to an annual foreign language fair at BYU, but because of restrictions and the lack of members, the trip has been canceled.

Student government advisor, Rickie Stewart, has also seen a shift in student engagement. Due to restrictions on gathering, assemblies are harder to coordinate and execute. Many students seem discouraged from attending activities like these.

“I think these kids have worked hard to try to think of things we can do, but then student involvement, student engagement, has been frustrating for them because they’re trying, and it just seems like everybody just is putting their head down and hoping for this to end,” Stewart said.“For us, I think it’s just the ability to not do what we’ve always done and carry on some of those traditions. We really value those traditions, I think and even to try to think outside the box has become exhausting.”

There may also be a decrease in club membership and activity because of the increase of remote learners. FBLA club advisor Layne Cook has struggled to keep the club afloat because most of the club’s presidency is working remotely. FBLA club vice president was quarantined near the beginning of the year. 

FBLA Vice President Marlee Crozier said, “I mean it’s kind of sad, because I’ve been in it since my freshman year and FBLA has always been kind of small.”

Now that a/ few restrictions have been lifted, club leaders and advisors hope to start their clubs back up as soon as possible. FCCLA members are currently preparing for an upcoming competition that will be held virtually, and the student government is planning on having more student activities while staying safe.

“We’re going to start doing some things once a week, and try to involve the school a little bit,” said Stewart, “And do things that we can do and broadcast them and do them safely, and take ownership of some of the stuff again, and try to at least give kids something to look forward to because I think that’s important.”