Wasatch Fault Line Earthquake is Long Overdue

Home to many, Sanpete County is in a ton of danger. Unless you didn’t know, Sanpete is located very closely to the Wasatch Fault Line.

The fault is right on I-15, so if something happened, we would have no access to the Provo, or Salt Lake City for assistance. 

Utah experiences up to 700 earthquakes per year, but only 2% can be felt. However, every 350 years, the Wasatch Fault Line has a huge earthquake.

Unfortunately, it has been about 350 years since it last struck… 

The Fault can produce an earthquake up to a 7.5 magnitude. Over two million people live on the fault line, so if an earthquake hit, they would be in serious trouble. 

The Wasatch Fault Line isn’t the only natural killer involving Sanpete, we absolutely cannot forget Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone is a National Park located right on top of a massive volcano that’s long overdue. One trip, or a wee sneeze, could trigger the end of the world. 

Sanpete might not get splattered with lava, but it definitely won’t escape the deadly ash. The air would no longer be fresh, (not like it is anyway with SLC so close…) but our animals and crops would all die. 

If Yellowstone continues being a national park with an average of 4.2 million visitors every year. Averaging around 11,507 visitors per day, and with the average adult human weighing around 137 pounds.. It’s not looking good.

This means that every day, the super massive volcano that could be the end of us receives 1,576,438 pounds of pressure walking around on its surface daily. 

I don’t know if you see it or not, but it’s only a matter of time before.. Well, to be frank, the end. 

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