Girls basketball team works towards success, despite setbacks

Despite their losses and challenges on the court the NS girls basketball is hopeful and positive about the rest of their season.

Their first game was against Carbon where they lost 57-5. They then played against Gunnison where they lost 60-29. Their third game they lost 49-29 to Altamont.

Although they have not won a game they continue to work hard for their goal.

“Our goal is to come in and improve every single day, every game,” said coach Taylor Christensen, “Hold them to less points than we did the last game, and score more points than we did the last game, and work on things we need to work on, and improve on those every game.”

The team is putting a lot of effort into their performance and are trying to improve through practicing and playing in games.

“They don’t give up, and that’s something that I think you see in a lot of kids when they are young and they know it’s going to be a struggle and they work really hard,” Christensen said.

One of the team’s biggest challenges is it is young and has not had a lot of experience. The team has 16 players, ten of them are freshman, and only two have ever played varsity basketball before.

“They just don’t have much experience with playing varsity and playing against girls that have had more time to play,” said senior Sarah Oldroyd. “It’s hard to play teams that have been playing together for a long time because they know the game and they are better, but I think it makes us better because playing against people that are better than you make you better.”

The team despite their losses, keep themselves motivated about their upcoming games. The team looks on the positive side of things rather than the negative.

“We’ve tried to keep the focus on being positive and just finding the little things that we’re doing well,” Christensen said, “and I think that’s really helped. These freshmen understand  that they are freshmen and that they are doing as well as could be expected. So I think it’s just finding small victories.”

The team finds motivation in the small things and in other ways.

“We get better every game,” said Oldroyd, “We’ve only played three games and in those three games we’ve gotten so much better and we constantly get better and I think getting better is a motivation.”

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