Junior with diverse music taste, finds joy in Indie genre

Personally I’m not a huge fan of the direction modern music has taken. Any music that plays at social gatherings tends to be absolutely atrocious. Luckily I’ve found many Indie artists that have been my saving grace for getting through the sea of trashy modern pop and rappers that have “Lil” in their name.

            Not many people know of the music that I listen to so I’ve made it my goal to educate you. Maybe you will find a new favorite music artist today. I’d like to spotlight one of the many underrated music makers that prove that there is still some good in this world.

            Ricky Montgomery is a 25-year-old indie pop singer, and you need to listen to him immediately. I found him via recommendations from the music streaming app, Spotify, which is a good way to find new music.

            Montgomery’s music is catchy and has an upbeat rhythm to it most of the time, but behind all of his songs there is a somber nostalgic feel. He uses both natural and electrical instruments in perfect tandem–a good blend of old and new music styles.

            Not only is his instrumentation wonderful, his voice is downright gorgeous. Imagine a male Beyoncé who actually made good music. Too good to be true? Luckily it’s not. It’s a voice that you’re not going to get sick of no matter how many times you put his album on loop.

            He has a wide variety in his song style, I mentioned that he tends to have upbeat rhythm but he also has songs like, “My Heart Is Buried In Venice” and “Mr. Loverman” which provide real, tear-jerking experiences with their slow mournful tone. Many people don’t like music that makes you sad, but I’ve found that these can often be the best songs for calming you down and relieving stress.

What’s more, if slow-paced sad songs aren’t your fix, he’s got you covered with songs like “California” and “Get Used To It” that will lift you right back up. There’s really something for everyone here.

Sadly, as mentioned before, “Montgomery” is criminally underrated, only having 220,881 monthly listeners on Spotify. As a point of comparison, “Panic! At The Disco” has 25,943,358 monthly listeners. And let’s be real, “Panic! At The Disco” hasn’t produced a good song for many years. 

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