Interest in Manga literature at NS

Manga is a Japanese form of literature much like the American comic book, read from right to left instead of left to right. The NS library has a wide selection of manga to read such as “Bleach,” “Naruto,” “Fairy Tail and Ouran Highschool Host Club.”

Though not many students at NS find an interest in the manga in the library, those who do, recognize that it is a unique form of literature and art.

“It’s its own flavor of special,” said junior Ben Anderson.

The manga books in the library vary by the art, style and story, each one having a different impact on the few students, based on their different preferences and interests.

“I love them,” said junior Jeffery Putnam.

The origins of the manga books in the library are for the most part unknown, but librarian Robyn Hansen stated that she has purchased many graphic novels, manga included, for the school since 2011. She says that the manga books are only continuing to grow in popularity.

Despite their popularity among the few students, most of the series of the manga are incomplete sets, “Bleach” having only 46 out of 74, and “Fairy Tale” having 34 out of 63.

This is discouraging for students who love the series.

“They’re good, but you get left on a cliffhanger,” said senior Dakota Wilson.

Even though the manga sets are incomplete, they still carry enough of a story to keep the reader interested.

“Bleach” is a manga where a young high school student with the ability to see ghosts becomes a sort of reaper that also fights evil souls that have refused to pass on.

“Fairy Tale” is a manga about a younger girl aspiring to be a great mage, so she can join a wizard guild and go on adventures with her newfound magic and friends.

“Naruto,” is a manga where a young boy in a village full of ninjas becomes a ninja in training with the dream of becoming the village’s next leader, the Hokage.

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