NS celebrates homecoming

NS capped off an exciting homecoming week with a huge win in the football game against ALA. Many other teams also did exceptionally well this week in their games and matches.

As the week began, students started with the first dress up day, hat day. Many students participated in this school theme, and some interesting hats including, top hats, cowboy hats and sombreros. 

Also on Monday the students helped with window painting. Each club or sport that wanted to participate painted posters or windows to be hung up in the local business windows.

Tacky tourist Tuesday was the next dress up day on the agenda. Students came to school dressed up in their best tourist outfits. Sunglasses, hats and beach shirts were the most commonly seen. 

That night the girls volleyball team played Manti at home in the annual Toast the Templars game. Although they got off to a rocky start, they beat the Templars 3-1. After the game the students went to the commons and ate french toast to celebrate the victory.

Wednesday the school participated in fake an injury day. Many students came to school with crutches, fake cuts, bruises and casts. The fake injuries varied from fairly extreme, to minor injuries.

That same day, the junior and senior girls participated in the powderpuff football game. Cole Mickel was the announcer, with Payton and Magnus Clawson as the head coaches for the two teams. 

As the game began, the juniors started out on top making a touchdown the first play of the game by Kylena Akaoula. By halftime, the juniors were winning 12-0. The halftime show was performed by boys from all different grades, directed by members of the cheer team. The game ended up going into overtime, and the seniors came out with the win. The score was 18-12.

Thursday was fake mustache day. The SBOs stood by the front entrance of the highschool and handed out mustaches to students as they came to school. 

That same night, soccer played ALA at home and tennis played Juab also at home. The boys participated in the powerstuff volleyball game.

Spirit day was the last of the dress up days that took place on Friday. Everyone wore red to school to support the football team. The SBOs put on a pep assembly to get everyone excited for the football game, and at 4 p.m. everyone went to state street to participate in the homecoming parade.

After the homecoming parade, students gathered for a tailgate party in the bus zone outside of the highschool. As this came to an end, everyone headed towards the football field. Before the game started, the NS homecoming royalty was introduced. Senior Tawnee Allen was homecoming queen, with junior Siri Huntington, sophomore Paige Ison and freshman Hope Shelley as the attendants.

As the week of homecoming came to an end, many students participated in the homecoming dance that took place on Saturday. This day was fun for many which added to the eventful week of a homecoming. 

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