Conspiracy Corner: Reptilians infiltrate Government

The United States of America—the number one country for immigration, known as the land of opportunities. It is a place to find peace, liberty and happiness. Yes, we do offer those things, but many believe there to be more important things to tell about our government, such as the fact that our beloved government is run by Reptilian humanoids with ill-intent.

It’s true! Extraterrestrial beings in the form of what we on earth would refer to as “lizard-men” have infiltrated our governments. These lizard-men took on primitive human forms in order to infiltrate our governments and use their political power to influence and manipulate our human societies.

This isn’t a recent occurrence. There have been records of reptilians found as far back as 16th century B.C., which gives us an origin for humanity’s greatest adversary—the “lizard-man”.

Flip your Bible open to the book of Genesis, and you’ll find mention of a race of people called the Nephilim. The Nephilim are said to be the sons of God who descended from heaven, much like how our reptilian friends would have descended from the stars in their spacecrafts.

Genesis also states that the “Sons of God” bore children with the daughters of man. These Demigod children are described as giants, just like another race of beings known to be large in stature, the reptilians.

The connection is clear, these “Nephilim” are the lizard men who bred with the human race in order to survive. In doing so they became the humanoid reptilians we know them to be, who have been running our governments, nay, the world since the near beginning of organized society. Ruling through the generations up until now in the 21st century.

One of the many ways to tell if someone is a Reptilian is their cold skin. Other signs include: Green/hazel eyes, red hair, acute eyesight or hearing, a love of space and science, a sense of unbelonging, an obsession with the fate of mankind, unexplained scars on body and the unique ability to have an affect on electrical appliances.

Some Reptilians of note include: Barack Obama, Donald Rumsfeld (showing these Reptilians transcend party lines), Madonna, Katy Perry, Bill Clinton and Angelina Jolie among others.

Other than their origin on Earth, theorists known nothing of their history or of their motives other than that they want to exercise dominion over the face of the earth. There are just too many things we don’t know. Why did they come to earth in the first place? How do they keep in human form? Are they in cahoots with the Illuminati, or are they rivals? Am I a reptilian? Are you a reptilian? How do we stop the reptilian takeover?

Because at one point or another the lizards will have to reveal themselves, and wage war upon the human race.

In truth, this “conspiracy theory” most likely is just that. A theory, maybe lizard men don’t even exist, or maybe, just maybe…we’ve already lost the war.



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