Senior shares false persona, enjoyment found in farming

Here at NS we have countless personalities and individuals, but one of our students has another personality alongside his true self.

Kory Olsen is a senior from Fountain Green who works on his family farm to help raise sheep. But when he’s not hard at work, he transforms into another person.

“Uncle Pete is definitely a character I’ve been working on,” Olsen said. “He’s a belligerent, inappropriate young man that I like to act out. He’s not for the faint of heart, he’s a bit of a womanizer, and has multiple kids that are here in the school.”

Olsen’s false persona is an interesting one that has left many students at NS entertained and joyful, but as Olsen stated, he can be offensive to certain individuals. When asked what Pete liked to do, Olsen jokingly showed me a photo of a Ziploc bag with beer and pizza as its contents.

“Meal prep is a big part of his life, it’s tedious, but it’s worth it,” Olsen said. “He loves turning the wrench on the big block Chevy with some good friends, and he loves to give love and emotional support to his boys,” Olsen said.

Olsen’s false persona is an adopted character that Olsen found while out on the desert, transporting water to the ewes that he helps raise.

            “It started as a joke between me and some friends,” Olsen said. “My hair is turning grey and they would refer to me as [their] dad and it evolved from there.”

After finding himself through Uncle Pete, Olsen has been able to further himself in many ways, especially his ability to create new relationships with the girls of NS.

“If you let your girl see [a photo of Uncle Pete], it’s going to be hard for them to be faithful to their man,” Olsen said. “Uncle Pete’s got that, you know, if he wants it, he takes it. It gets into that natural side of them that wants that strong male presence.”

Outside of the character he has created for himself, Olsen lives an eventful life while farming sheep. When asked about the closest he’s come to death, Olsen provided a recent story of himself in the desert.

“I was hauling water out there.  I’m probably fifteen miles from the nearest paved road, my oil and water [light] started flashing at me and I had blew an oil hose,” Olsen said. “And that’s what fires the injectors so when they didn’t have any more oil pressure and so it turns off your engine.”

As Olsen apprehended the situation, he realized that the 2,500 gallons of water in his truck would have to stay in the middle of the desert for a night because sunset was coming.

“I didn’t have anything to fix my leak, so I just started walking,” Olsen said. “I mean it was like five degrees [fahrenheit]—there was no service. I walked 14 miles to the nearest highway.”

After reaching the highway in the evening, little traffic was present and it took a while before another farmer found Olsen on the road and took him back to his farming camp.

Olsen thoroughly enjoys working on the family farm and having the opportunity to work with and create experiences with his family.

“My mom is definitely my best friend, and my dad,” Olsen said. “I don’t know where I’d be without my parents.”

Along with the relationships that Olsen has with his family, he also places a lot of value in the relationships he’s created with his peers at NS.

“Man, the friends I have here are unlike anything I’ll ever be able to get again,” Olsen said.

Through Olsen’s eventful life, he has created many opportunities for himself through his alternate persona Pete, working on the farm, and the friendships he has been able to create at NS.


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