NS website sees revisions, creates better impressions

Many students have noticed a recent change in the NS website. The website has undergone some major changes this year, and the results are all positive.

“Certainly I want a great website for the school; I’m always concerned about how that looks and what we’re doing there,” Principal Nan Ault said.

The old website clearly wasn’t keeping up with the times and there was a dire need for change.

“The parents would call and say we’re not going to come to your school because we looked at your website,” Ault said.

First impressions are a big deal when convincing people to do most anything. A lot of people get their first impressions of NS through the website.

“The first impression they have, sometimes, if they move into the area is our website,” Ault said.

Many people have had a big hand in putting together this new and improved website but one of the people in charge of it is a teacher Justin Morley.

Morley constantly works with computers and the kids in Cyber Corps, so he was clearly a good fit for the job. He has access to all the tools needed to make sure the website is always running smoothly.

“I think our website needed to be updated to be more modern and user friendly for our students, as well as parents and community members that are trying to access information,” Morley said.

Morley’s work still isn’t done, and he’s still working to make it as good as he possibly can. With new events and activities happening on a weekly basis, he has to make sure that the website can keep students, parents and teachers updated and informed.

“There’s little tweaks, it’s a continual update. Different events are going on, constantly updating photos. We have to keep it more up to date so it’s more in line with what’s going on in school.”

The website isn’t perfect, things still need to be done. Morley is still open to suggestions on how he can better the website.

“We’re not perfect, we don’t expect to be perfect and we can always make improvements. We strive to be better just like everything we do here at North Sanpete,” Morley said.

Senior Madison Allred, computer tech sterling scholar, was a big help as well. She provided a student view of the situation and has made the website her own.

“[The website] is much easier to navigate, it’s a big improvement over our last website,” Allred said.

Allred clearly knows why the school needs to improve and update it, to keep up with the modern times.

“Nowadays people google things that they don’t know. If people are looking up our school this is a good front to have,” Allred said.

This is clearly a step in the right direction for NS, the new and improved website will surely help students and parents to know what the school is all about.

“I want people to look at that website and know how on top of things we are and that we are a great school, a strong school. And this website represents us, and I want us to be represented well,” Ault said.

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