Lady Hawks look to improve through hard work

The NS girls basketball team has a rough start to their season. They have had three losses with many more games left in the season.

With many inexperienced girls, the team’s hope is only to constantly get better, and always improve.

“This season is a season where it’s only go up. We have a lot of inexperienced girls that have not played a lot of varsity basketball. We are just throwing them in the fire,” Coach Randi Griffith said. “Baptism by fire, here you go.”

With having two losses, one against Juab, Wasatch Academy, and then Parowan, Griffith still has much hope for the team as the season continues.

“The first game wasn’t really how I wanted it to go, but it really wasn’t a shock either. Cause when you go from playing freshman/sophomore basketball and little JV, and then here you go play varsity it’s a big difference,” Griffith said. “So they just needed to get it out of their system.”

To go from JV to varsity you have to really push yourself every moment. There is an old saying that says, “You practice how you play.” Griffith feels that the girls are doing this every time.

“The girls are working extremely hard at practice and they have a desire to get better, which is the best thing you can have as a coach is girls that want to get better and are willing to work hard,” Griffith said.

With the great loss of seniors, and a fresh varsity team the coach expects one thing, and one thing only: improvement.

“I just want constant improvement–that every game, we get a little bit better,” Griffith said.

With a fresh start for the team, and work to be done, Griffith says that her biggest method of coaching is trying to help each girl individually to try to get better. She says that she may not always get it right, but she tries to find every girl’s potential.

All in all, there is work to be done this year, with two losses in the season, and nineteen games remaining, Griffith hopes to not only improve every game but get the most she can out of every player.


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