Drill team works to improve in region competition

The NS Spiriteers are working hard and hoping to do well in region after placing fifth last year.

In recent competition they placed second in dance and character, and third in military. They competed against Richfield, Carbon and Murray.

“After the year is over I hope that we know that we gave it our all, that we left all on the floor and have no regrets,” said team captain Kailee Burges.

Burgess is the team captain this year and hopes to bring her team to a victory. She works hard leading the team, making sure everyone is doing their best and putting in the time that the team needs them to.

“I like being captain because I like seeing the progress of the team throughout the year and being a representative for the team,” Burgess said.

Taking region may be difficult because they have new teams in the region. With the region changes they don’t know what to expect from other teams because they have not competed against them before.

Junior Victoria Church enjoys doing drill and is excited for this season. She is ready to work hard against their competition and hopes to take region this year.

“Our toughest competition is definitely Manti and North Sevier and Richfield. They are all doing really good this year,” Church said.

Though they have to work hard to beat their competition it is also important they have fun. Being serious all of the time isn’t part of practice, enjoying yourself and having fun is also a part of it.

“The funnest part about drill is all the memories that I make with all of my sisters,” Burgess said.

Many members feel that they are more than a team, they are a family. As a team, you make memories and some even feel that you become a family.

“I love being around the girls and just goofing off with them at practice. I knew I would get close to the girls, but I didn’t know that it would be this close” Church said.

Our drill team has been putting in a lot of work to pull out a win this year. Knowing their competition and working hard has been the mindset of the team.





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