Conspiracy Corner: Moon Landing, real or fake?

July 20, 1969. The Moon has been compromised. Supposed American “hero” Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on “the moon” at 10:39 p.m. making US history. Or at least that’s what we’re taught.

Nearly five decades after the original moon landing and countless other missions to Luna, during which a great number of specimens have been brought back and found to be legitimate, people still question whether or not the USA landed on its rocky, barren surface.

There are many reasons for why people would believe in this theory, some quite sensible, most as outlandish as the theory itself.

Some may say the landing was faked in order for it to seem as if America had beaten the USSR in the space race. But, the actual motive the government would have had for faking the moon landing would be that they were covering up the existence of Nazi-made UFOs.

That’s right, the US government knew about this technology as early as 1943 and brought Nazi scientists into the country to help develop their own grade of clean energy dependent UFOs.

This news would have made President John Fitzgerald Kennedy happy. Having vehicles powered by a clean dependable energy source would move the country forward by leaps and bounds. Now all he had to do was convince NASA to release the technology.

After prior unsuccessful attempts, our president came to the conclusion that in order to get this revolutionary technology out he would have to make an outlandish request. NASA was going to have to put a man on the moon.

Knowing full well that there was no way NASA had the technology in their handcrafted shuttles to get a man into space, all Mr. President had to do now was sit back and wait to hear about how NASA’s UFOs landed the first man on the moon.

NASA had been cornered. But they couldn’t release information about their flying saucers. The media would run rampant about the government’s many lies and cover-ups. The only choice left for them to fall back on was faking the moon landing.

“Dr. Strangelove” director Stanley Kubrick was commissioned by NASA to bring to life the first moon landing on film, deep within the confines of Area 51. The roose would have to be kept quiet and elaborate.

So elaborate that the “shuttle” building and “landing calculations” would take years to perfect. And so quiet that high ranking government officials including the president himself wouldn’t know about it.

And on the night of July 20, 1969 lead actors Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took the stage and convinced the world that it was in fact possible to land on the moon.

The existence of UFOs is still denied by the government to this day, as well as their faking of the moon landing. Perhaps we will see a day in the future where flying saucers roam the skies and government cover-ups have been accepted long ago as fact. Or maybe it’s just all conspiracy. Because more often than not, truth is stranger than fiction.



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