Summer 2017 brings many new movies, albums, and games

The human race. Over millions of years the human race has evolved into a species capable of incredible feats; we’ve carved through mountains, we’ve built immense empires and we have accomplished all of these things by learning to work together despite all of our differences.
But how do people who are all so different from each other learn to work together? Well it’s simple. We discover what we have in common, we discover what likes and dislikes we have in common. And what “like” does almost every civilized human on earth share? Media; there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t enjoy either music, movies,or video games and if there is then they are most likely an outcast from society.
So let’s see what the media giants have in store this summer that will (hopefully) blow us away once again.
First up, MOVIES. We’ve got adventure, we’ve got action, we’ve got a series that had been wrung dry long ago but still seems to keep going, we’ve got, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no Tales” coming to theatres near you on May 26.
You’ve got your usual plethora of superhero movies making their way into the theatres as well including, “Wonder Woman” coming June 2, and “Spider-Man Homecoming” swinging in on July 5.
And landing in the section of movies that will most likely end up being less than stellar, we’ve got, “Captain Underpants,” the animated adaptation of the classic children’s series, and the ever endearing, “Emoji Movie,” which is sure to be a hit with the whole family.
Finally the movie that may flop, but everybody is going to go see anyway just because it’s Pixar, “Cars 3” skidding in June 16. And of course we’ve also got a whole slew of other big movies and lesser indie films coming out as well.
As for you gamers out there, don’t worry, we’ve got some treats for you as well. First off Nintendo has their newly announced 2DS XL releasing this July.
And as long as we are on the topic of consoles, let’s address the new games coming to the “Switch,” because the newly released, “Nintendo Switch” is bound to give endless amounts of entertainment from these games.
“Splatoon 2” is the sequel to the hit “Wii U” title set to make a splash on July 21. Nintendo’s new IP, “ARMS” is also set to spring into action on June 16 of this year.
Sega has got two new Sonic the Hedgehog games coming out this year. One, “Sonic Mania,” which returns to classic 2D Sonic coming out this summer with no set date, and the other, “Sonic Forces” having no set release date currently.
That’s a wrap for the summer of 2017.

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