Students elect new student body and class officers

NS has a new group of students at the helm of the ship. With the end of the year drawing closer, new class officers and SBOs have been elected for next year.

It started with SBO week, which was the week of April 10-14. While for the student body this meant funny videos and free food, for the N and S teams this meant stress, frustration, and no sleep.

“SBO election week was literally the most stressful and most lit week of my entire life,” said junior Makade Talbot.

SBO week is campaign week between two teams of students running for office. The N team, against the S team. Each group spent the week campaigning for office via posters, food, music, and other forms of bribery.

“It was the most chaotic and yet most enjoyable week I have ever lived,” said junior Cooper Rosenlund.

At the end of the week, the final votes were cast, and the new officers were inducted. The student body chose Talbot for President, Ty Bailey for Vice President, Anna Staker for Secretary and Rosenlund for Activity Agent. These students main goal for the coming year is to make every student, no matter what group or type feel included.

“[I want to make] the school year enjoyable for everyone, not just certain groups,” Rosenlund said.

Sadly, even though electing new students to represent us is exciting, it means saying goodbye to the group who had led us through this year. This year’s SBOs, President Jackson Blackhurst, Vice President Gavin Cox, Secretary Angela Clayton, and Activity Agent Brenden Blackham have done much before having to pass the torch on to the younger generation. In the past year, they have resurrected the Squawkers spirit club, made daily broadcasts, and have been friends to all.

I loved it, it was so much fun and I learned a lot,” said Blackham

In addition to SBO week, class officer elections also happened on May 1.

Our new senior class officers are Alex Larsen as President, Tanner Wilson as Vice President, and Trevor Ence as Secretary. The senior class officers play a large role in helping with graduation, and handle planning the 5 and 10-year class reunions.

“I want to make the school feel like a more safe, friendly place for people to be,” Larsen said.

The new junior class officers are President Kaleb Cox, Vice President Aubree Ison, and Secretary Tyler Hadley. Junior officers handle the ever famous promenade, which means announcing names, decorating, and organizing. With how big of a deal NS prom is, this proves to be quite the task.

“I’m excited to see what I can do to help my class,” said Cox, “It’s a unique opportunity.”

Representing the new sophomore class is Mason Bailey as President, Devin Palmer as Vice, and Scott Shock as Secretary. Sophomore class officers are there to assist in any way they can, be that planning, organizing, or assisting other class officers and SBOs in their duties.

“I just like doing stuff for my classmates,” Bailey said. “Just getting everyone involved would be awesome.”

Senior class officers (L to R): Alex Larsen, Trevor Ence, Tanner Wilson
Junior class officers (L to R): Aubree Ison, Tyler Hadley, Kaleb Cox
Sophomore class officers (L to R): Scott Shock, Mason Bailey, Devin Palmer
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