NS students win awards at regional art competition

On April 28, senior Jackson Blackhurst won first place, Hannah Ostraff won second, and Christian Johansen won a scholarship to Snow College at the region art show held in Spring City.

“It really went well. There were a lot of people that came to it,” said NS art teacher Paul Allred.

Allred played a part in prompting students in his art classes to submit pieces, even if they didn’t feel like they’d win he thought the students should still try and make the best of their work and see what they could get from it.

Blackhurst was taking pictures of his friend and accidentally messed up the photograph.

“I decided that I didn’t like that picture,” Blackhurst said. “I never used it for anything, and then Mr. Allred told me, ‘You should submit it.’”

Listening to Allred’s advice worked out for Blackhurst in the end. He won first place overall and received $200 and even had someone buy the picture.

“When I first filled out the information on it, there was the list price, and I just thought, ‘I don’t want anyone to buy it, so I’ll just price it way high,”’ Blackhurst said. “I priced it for $200, and someone bought it!”

Blackhurst wasn’t the only student at NS that did well. Ostraff won second place and a $150 prize because of her book art piece.

“I didn’t expect it,” Ostraff said, “but it wasn’t like a giant surprise.”

Johansen also performed well. He submitted a still life piece titled “Trash.” He received a scholarship from Snow College to further his abilities as an artist.

“[Snow College] waived the tuition for the summer workshop,” Johansen said. “I get to go and do art stuff.”

Allred has high hopes for the art show in the years to come. He wants to see more students participate and win.

Next year, Snow College will allow the schools to hold the show on their campus. It will take place after Snow’s graduation and the Summer semester. Allred hopes that as the art show grows so will students interest in participating.

“Hopefully next year having a larger area and once we get it going more districts will be a part of it,” Allred said.

Allred wants to help students succeed and help them be confident enough in their art to enter their pieces into more shows.

“Don’t doubt Mr. Allred,” Blackhurst said. “He is a very amazing guy, and I wouldn’t have placed without him.”


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