Grinding Teachers’ Gears: What sets NS teachers off

We’ve all had to deal with annoying kids in math class. We’ve heard someone chomping on their gum or we’ve been stuck behind an idiot in traffic. Our teachers at NS are no exception; they all have things that they absolutely cannot stand.

The art of the selfie is a trend that has been around for a while, the word even being added to the Oxford English dictionary in 2013. For music teacher, Timothy Kidder, they are an abomination. Selfies annoy Kidder, especially when adults take them.

“I hate selfies,” Kidder said. “A selfie, unless you’re holding a fish, just shouldn’t happen. People want to see a fish; nobody wants to see your face.”

Bad manners are a deal breaker for a lot of people, but business teacher Andrew Rainey is utterly repulsed by bad table manners and people that chew loudly or with their mouth open. In college, Rainey went on a date with a girl he really liked. They had spent the day hiking and having an enjoyable time, but then came time for dinner.

“She ate like a pig,” Rainey said. “She would make these disgusting noises while she ate; it was really awkward.”

Rainey trudged through the date, thinking it was just nerves and they went out again a few nights later. It ended up being the same torturous experience for Rainey.

“I was just like nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. I can’t do it and so we never went out again,” Rainey said with a laugh.

Science teacher, Kolby Henrie, wins the prize for most random pet peeves. He despises jacked up trucks, washboards and dogs.

“I hate dogs with a passion,” Henrie said.

Although some people may disagree with Henrie’s distaste for the animals, he has his reasons.

“Four reasons: they poop, they pee on my tires, they shed and they’re ugly,” Henrie said.

Students who have been irresponsible about their grades all quarter and then suddenly start caring when it’s crunch time at the end of the quarter bother English teachers Kaylene Johnson and Jori Turpin.

“Students come in and literally want me to save their grade but don’t want to put in the effort until the last minute,” Johnson said.

Another thing that bothers Turpin is when people leading the Pledge of Allegiance say ‘please repeat after me’ instead of ‘please recite with me.’ She also hates when people try to turn right while driving, and they have a whole other lane to slow down in, but they choose to slow down directly in front of her.

“It’s like ‘I’m going to make a right turn, let me slow down to a complete stop,” Turpin said. “And then I have to also stop.”

Brad Bentley, a science teacher at NS, has a major aversion to students crinkling their water bottles. They interrupt class and make a lot of unnecessary noise. Bentley has confiscated many water bottles because students can’t seem to stop playing with them.

“I actually took a water bottle once and then immediately another kid started crinkling theirs,” Bentley said. “So I threw the first water bottle at them.”

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