Favorite Classes at NS

As the school year comes to a close and things start wrapping up, we decided to take a look back on high school classes. Students love different classes for different reasons, and we’ve gathered up a few favorites.

Through a NS Times survey, we found that some of the favorite classes at NS are band/percussion, drama, seminary, choir, woodworking, French, and foods and nutrition. We then talked to a few individual students to find out what their favorite classes were and why.

William Ah Kuoi

Ah Kuoi is a senior at NS and as he looked back on his high school years he came to the conclusion that Digital Media: Film was his favorite class.

“It’s my favorite because I love to work with cameras and photo/video editing software,” Ah Kuoi said.

Besides getting to work with cameras, Ah Kuoi loves the class for the experiences it gives him.

“A funny memory from my filming was when I dropped a tripod off a ladder and broke it,” Ah Kuoi said. “There was another time when Cody and I got stuck in a giant mud pit and had to call [Lydia Madsen] for help.”

Allyssa Ericksen

Like Ah Kuoi, Ericksen’s favorite class had to deal with cameras. Ericksen is a junior at NS and looks back on Photography as her favorite class.

“It’s my favorite class because it’s art that requires absolutely no artistic ability,” Ericksen said. “That’s a good thing for me.”

Coldir Cox

            Cox is a sophomore at NS and his favorite class he has taken is Computer Programming 1030.

“[Computer Programming] is the only computer class offered that has challenged me,” Cox said.

Hannah Howard

            Howard is a senior at NS this year and her favorite class was pretty much anything Mrs. Brooks taught.

“She’s is a freaking princess,” Howard said. “She makes learning fun and exciting, which is what school should be all about.”

Howard had many good experiences in Brook’s classes, but there is one that sticks out to her in particular.

“There was one day when Mrs. Brooks went to Whipple’s room for a minute,” Howard said. “While she was gone, we stacked up all of the extra chairs against the door so no one could get in from the hallway. When she came back we all pretended we didn’t notice, and it took her a minute to figure out why everyone had a smirk on their face.”

Ethan Ostraff

Ostraff is also a senior at NS, and he had dubbed Mr. Henry’s (Digger’s) Zoology class as his favorite.

“Digger is just an awesome teacher who told really funny stories about college,” Ostraff said. “We also got to go to the zoo which was fun.”

Savannah Ames

            Ames is a sophomore at NS this year. Her favorite class she has taken is Teen Living.

“[Teen Living] teaches you things that are necessary in life,” Ames said. “It is one of the more useful classes I have taken.”

Kendall Grasteit

Grasteit is also a sophomore at NS and his favorite class so far has been Mrs. Turpin’s freshman language arts class.

“I had some good times in there,” Grasteit said.

He recalled one experience where he laughed pretty hard while in class.

“There was one day when Lindsey Flinders, who sat behind me, couldn’t see the board,” Grasteit said. “She told me ‘Kendall, move your fat head.’ I was like ‘That wasn’t very nice.’ That’s when Turpin chimed in, ‘Don’t worry Kendall, your head is perfectly proportioned with the rest of your body.’ I laughed at that, and that class period was actually a pretty good time.”

Overall, each student at NS is different, and everyone has a different reason for liking the classes they do. For some, it’s the teachers, and for others it is the memories. Either way, there is a favorite class waiting out there for everybody, you just have to find it.


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