Cinco de Mayo: the story behind the commonly confused holiday

What really happened on May 5 that caused all this celebration? Don’t be confused, Cinco de Mayo is not independence day for Mexico. On May 5, 1862, a group of the French army came to Mexico to invade and make it their property, all because the president said they were broke.

The French came to the city of Puebla and tried to invade, but a rag-tag band of Mexican troops managed to defeat them. Although they were out numbered and the odds were against them, the Mexicans never gave up. With this great victory, they not only showed France not to mess with them, they showed a great amount of resistance against the French Imperialism. Plus, with the help of the United States, they made like a sandwich and had the French dip.

After the Mexicans kicked the French’s trash, word spread all the way to the United States, giving inspiration not only to the Latinos with immigrant parents but also a great amount of American soldiers. This day is celebrated to show courage, even when the odds are against you.

Much of America and parts of Mexico celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the same way, with the essentials to a good party. You’ll need a pinata, Mexican food, Mexican music, and a crazy grandma who loves the old times.

In brief,  Cinco de Mayo is a celebration honoring courage and will. If you ever feel like the odds are against you and you have no chance of winning, just remember Cinco de Mayo.

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