As high school becomes history, NS seniors prepare for the future

Contrary to the musings of John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, and Bryan Adams, the thrill of living is not gone after the “glory days” of high school. Life does go on, as NS seniors are soon to discover.

In a few short months, the senior class will be scattered all over the world as students enter religious or military service, begin a level of higher education at a college, university, or technical school, obtain employment, or pursue something entirely different.

A recent survey conducted among NS seniors showed that 53 percent plan on furthering their education by attending Snow College. One such senior, Catherine Lund, will attend Snow College on a softball scholarship.

“I’m looking forward to playing two more years of the game I love,” Lund said. “I’m glad my hard work over the years has gotten me somewhere.”

According to the survey 21 percent plan on entering religious service following graduation. Justice Green is one of these people; he will serve a two-year, LDS mission to Costa Rica. According to Green, high school taught him responsibility and how best to achieve all he is capable of, things he will share with those he meets in Costa Rica.

“We’re pretty lucky to live where we are and have the education we have,” Green said. “I’m excited to help other people and I look forward to the humbling experiences I’ll have.”

Upon returning, Green also plans to attend Snow College, then transfer to Weber State University and become involved in law enforcement.

Snow College is a popular choice for NS students to pursue higher education, and there are several reasons for this. A few include: it is a small community college, it is close to students’ homes, and it is relatively inexpensive. The nearness to home is what attracted Lund to it, before she even signed to play softball.

“I wanted to be close to home, especially for my first two years,” she said. ‘I was going to go to Snow with or without softball so with is a bonus.”

Green agrees with Lund, and sees Snow College as a good place to transition back into life after living in a foreign country.

“I’m going just to have an easier adjustment to college life and get back into the world after mission life,” Green said.

Wyatt Nunley is part of 8 percent of the senior class planning on enrolling in a trade, technical, business, or apprenticeship program as he works to become an electrician. His ultimate goal is to become a lineman for a power company.

“The money is great and I like that it’s hands-on work,” Nunley said. “I couldn’t sit behind a desk.”

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