Softball team continues to improve

The NS softball season is in full swing. The team has a winning record, 3-2, and they are working hard to prepare for the state tournament. 

They are optimistic about their chances in both region and state competition. According to junior Alexis Hammond, the team has the potential to end at the top of the region. 

“I think that we can place second,” Hammond said. “Our biggest competition is Juab.”

Hammond is a junior at NS and has been playing softball most of her life, when not competing with the high school she is in a club team to play year-round. Hammond has been varsity all three years while playing at the high school and plays second and third bases. She lives for the sport and loves to see when everybody is playing well but doesn’t plan on playing for the team next year.

“It hasn’t been my best season but I haven’t been given the opportunity to prove myself, I think I will continue on the club team.” Hammond said.

Laynie Gillins is also a junior at NS that has been on varsity since freshman year. Gillins plays first base and has enjoyed most of the season so far.

“I think I’ve done a bit better last year but I still have some time to change that and improve for the couple of weeks that we have left.” Gillins said.

If the girls make it to the state tournament, they will participate in the long, double elimination tournament to determine the state champion.

“I think we can get pretty far if we work together,” Hammond said.

Earlier in the season, the team traveled down south to a St. George tournament where they got off to a good start. While they competed with many of the teams from different regions throughout Utah, the team got a taste for what the state tournament might look like. Although they lost the majority of their games, the team was grateful for the additional practice.

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