Girls Golf Team

This year at NS the girls golf team is struggling to stay ahead of the pack. As of right now they are ranked as the lowest team in the region.

There are a few different reasons why the girls golf team is struggling to hit it off this year. One of the biggest reasons mentioned by girls on the team is how many girls are trying it out for the first time. A lot of them are spending time trying to learn how to golf instead of honing their skills. While his is a big problem, the girls don’t seem to bothered by it. The whole team loves to play the sport and that’s what matters. They plan on trying to get better by practicing more and hope to gain momentum as the season goes on.

The team does have a few strengths though. Billy Christensen said, “We always try our hardest whenever we go out.” The golf team it is very dedicated to making sure they put in their best effort in whatever they do out on the course.

Even though the girls team isn’t doing as well as they hope to, they are still enjoying the season and all of the warm weather. They enjoy each other’s company.

“We always have a good time no matter what, it’s always fun,” Christensen said. The girl’s still have a lot of fun going golfing together even though they aren’t as successful as they would want to be. They get to go and play golf together and that’s all that matters to them.

Even though the chances of the girls team making it to state are low, all that matters is if the girls on the golf team are happy with themselves. Sure they might not be winning every single match they go to but as long as they are having fun and don’t mind then that’s all that matters.

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