Three NS students place at state FBLA competition

On Mar. 6-8, sophomores Abigail Clawson, Coldir Cox, and freshman Colby Orton placed at state FBLA at the Davis Conference Center in Layton UT.

Clawson competed in the journalism category, taking ninth place. This is the first year that FBLA has offered this category. Clawson credits much of her success to taking the journalism class that NS offers.

“I was pretty happy that I got it,” Clawson said. “People from other schools took the test, and I thought they would have done better than me.”

Cox competed in the speech and debate category, taking fifth place. Cox has prepared all year by taking the speech and debate class and competing with them. He also reads and listens to successful speakers and bases his speeches on what they do.

“I’m kind of a little disappointed,” Cox said. “I’ve been doing speaking events basically this entire year, and I’ve been placing really really high.”

Although Cox was disappointed in his score, he still had pride in his accomplishment and believes that he will be able to do better next year.

“It was my first year as far as FBLA goes,” Cox said. “So I think it was probably pretty good.”

Orton took seventh in spreadsheet. He took first place in the category last year and thought he would be able to do well again this year. He has spent a lot of time learning about spreadsheets and applying what he has learned in FBLA.

“I felt bad, but I knew why,” Orton said. “I didn’t save one of my things that I needed to.”

First year club advisor Justin Morley feels satisfied with the members’ performance, but feels that there is always room for improvement.

“I was hoping we would have more students qualify for competitions at state, but it didn’t work out that way,” Morley said. “It was still a great learning experience for the students and myself.”

Next year, dedicated FBLA members will have the opportunity to take a class provided in the regular school day. Those students will receive a leadership credit first semester and an entrepreneurship credit second semester.

“We will be able to work on our events and competitions,” Morley said. “We should also be managing the school store we’re hoping to get set up.”

Morley knows that for many students in FBLA, working in the club along with other extracurricular activities has been difficult and time consuming.

“A lot of our students in FBLA are extremely stretched,” Morley said. “They’re Sterling Scholars, they’re a part of football, soccer, basketball. They’re very committed students to the school.”

Morley feels confident that having the class as an option will help not only the students involved in extracurricular activities, but all students who have other classes and events to worry about.

“Having the class makes it so where we don’t have to have extra practice time after school,” Morley said. “[It] doesn’t take away from their schooling and other events and gives them time to prepare and to work on as well as learn what can make them better in the events.”

Morley encourages any student who is interested in business and is willing to work, to join FBLA.

“Students that are wanting to take it serious and that are wanting to go and compete will have a spot in FBLA,” Morley said.

Joining FBLA brings many fun and educational benefits.

“For students considering [FBLA], it’s an awesome opportunity to gain real world application,” Morley said. “It will prepare you for college as well as careers. It’s also a fun organization that allows students to meet friends and go and have fun while gaining experience.”


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