Students prepare for week long spring break

With the fourth quarter of school just beginning and spring break just around the corner, many students are already talking about their plans and hopes for this long vacation.

Spring break is one of many students’ favorite weeks off because it’s around that special time when winter is beginning to let go its icy grip on everything. It’s that time of the year that fantasizing about being warm begins to become a reality instead of a distant hope. Many students want to spend their time in the warmer weather going on their first camping trip of the year or going and riding ATVs around different places in Utah. Although not everyone has plans to go enjoy the sunlight.

“I plan on participating in the act of sleeping,” said Makade Talbot, a junior.

While spring break might be a time for some students to go and do outdoor activities, others like Talbot just want to take the week to relax and not think about homework. Not all of the students are taking this week to pause life though. Some plan to work on other hobbies or improving their skills since spring sports are beginning as well.

“I want to work on my vocals and soccer ball control,” Christian Sanchez another junior said. Sanchez plays on the soccer team at NS so it’s no surprise that he wants to spend the week off honing his skills. He wasn’t the only student whose plans were to do something sports related. Dakota Syme hopes to go to baseball spring training for the MLB in Colorado and watch some of his favorite athletes practice.

With the warmer weather already starting to arrive. Teachers and students alike are impatiently waiting to get their week off of school to go relax and spend time with family and friends.

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