New CTE pathways create chances for students to find career interests

Thanks to the interest of many NS students, the district has opted to open up several new career pathways and classes for this upcoming school year, including medical and computer science pathways.

CTE pathways offer a gateway to future careers students might be interested in, a foot in the door, so to speak. While there are currently several pathways available, the need for new courses was plain to see.

“[The new pathways] helps kids know where they want to go,” said principal Nan Ault. “The subjects are no longer foreign to you.”

With many students taking the Certified Nursing Assistance course (CNA) at Snow, and the many students planning on entering the medical field after high school, NS decided to open a Therapeudic Rehibilitation/ Exercise pathway.

This pathway would open the door for students who have an interest in the medical field. These classes would give students experience, and send students to college not so blind to what they are entering.

“[CNA] gave me a head start in my nursing career and it got me excited to get into the medical field,” said senior Heather Mickel.

With the new courses offered, more students like Mickel will be able to discover if a future in the medical field is really for them.

Even though many students do not plan on pursuing such a career, the skills taught in these classes can be useful to know for all. These classes teach skills such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), how to respond at a crash, and how to help an injured loved one in multiple situations.

“Whether or not you will go into the medical field,” said Cami Hathaway, teacher and EMR. “We all have loved ones that we’d want to help.”

Some courses offered in this pathway are Medical Terminology, Introduction to Health Sciences, and Sports Medicine/Exercise Science.

But medicine isn’t the only new pathway for students. In the world we live in, technology plays an essential part in everything we do. In order to keep improving technology, we need people who have a clue about how to handle it. Therefore, a computer science pathway was developed to help NS students on their way to having a career in that field.

“Computer Science is important because we don’t do anything without technology, we don’t go anywhere without technology, we don’t function without technology,” said business and computer teacher, Justin Morley.

Like the medical classes, the computer science classes give students a foothold on a future career, and develop skills that would be useful in any day life.

These programs are an ideal way to get a head start on your future. They offer a way to explore the world outside of small town Sanpete.

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