Booster Club helps supplement NS athletic budgets

Many sports enthusiasts at NS would agree that part of attending an athletic event and absorbing the atmosphere of a game includes a trip to the concession stand. Chowing down on a bag of popcorn while watching basketball makes the competition a little sweeter, well, saltier.

At NS, the responsibility of running the concession stand belongs to the Booster Club, a parent-run organization that helps get funds for the high school. For the past four years Booster Club and the name Kandy Beebe have been synonymous as Beebe filled the role of Booster Club president. However, few people realize the amount of time and effort that goes into preparing concessions.

“The first time people volunteer they can’t believe what all it entails to get all the food out to the public,” Beebe said.

Many were willing to serve as the president of the Booster Club before her, but Beebe made changes in an effort to generate more funds.

“First off, I’m a pretty thrifty spender, so I would always make sure I could get my supplies for the best price possible,” Beebe said. “If I couldn’t get something for a good price then I wouldn’t buy it.”

When nearing the end of a season, Beebe also wanted to cut down on waste so she would sell whatever was left rather than ordering something new to sell. According to Beebe, getting supplies at a lower rate and doing a better job of not having things that would be thrown out are what helped the Booster Club become more frugal.

The money raised by the Booster Club is essential for NS athletic teams, and has bought things like the bleachers for the soccer field, the end zone camera for the football field, boys and girls basketball uniforms, golf balls for the golf teams, and a summer soccer camp for the girls’ team. In addition, Booster Club also funds the sports awards assemblies at the end of each season.

In order for a program to receive money, coaches can make requests for things they need but can’t afford. According to Cheryl Hadley, one of the athletic directors, Booster Club is a key factor in fulfilling equipment needs.

“The athletic budgets themselves are not very big and it takes a lot of money to fund a sport,” Hadley said.

Monetary benefits aside, Hadley believes the concession stand is a great service to those who attend sporting events.

“It’s good to have food and drinks and refreshments available at the games; that’s a good service to have,” Hadley said. “If you go to a gym and there’s no food or drink it’s a long night.”

The Booster Club is also great for public relations purposes as it creates a relationship between the community and the school. The community supports the Booster Club and in turn the Booster Club can support the different programs.

Beebe and Hadley both agree that volunteering at the concession stand is a great way for parents and community members to be involved. The Booster Club is always looking for volunteers, especially during football season.

“I think people are usually a little shocked at how much it does take to do those football games,” Beebe said, “But it also brings in the majority of the money so we have to make sure we take really good care of it and that we’re doing a good job. That money is what funds everybody else.”

After serving for double the expected time, Beebe was ready to hand the job over to someone else: Matt and Erika Briggs.

“Kandy has turned running the concession stand into a fine science,” Erika Briggs said. “She kept detailed account books that make it easy for me to know what to buy, how much to buy, and what constitutes a good deal. She’s a hard act to follow but I’m doing my best.”

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