UEA Plans

The leaves are red and yellow, the breeze is crisp and cool on your face, and there is no school for five days. Your family and friends are making plans and you’re sleeping in. This is UEA break for many students at NS.

As October begins and the first quarter comes to a close here at NS, UEA

break is quickly approaching, giving students and faculty the opportunity for a

little time off.

Junior Kailee Burgess is going big with her break and going to Disneyland with her family.

“We haven’t had a vacation together in three years, so we figured go big or go home,” Burgess said. The family is going to be at the park for three days.

This is Burgess’s third time going to Disneyland, but she still has something to look forward to.

“When I was younger I didn’t go on all of the rides, so my goal this time is to go on every ride I possibly can and I’m really excited for that,” Burgess said. While Burgess is spending her time in California, another pair of students will be spending their time in Wyoming.

Senior Andy Orton and his brother freshman Colby Orton are going to Yellowstone National Park with their family.

“I am going to die in Yellowstone,” said Andy. While Andy is “dying” in Yellowstone, other students will be living, travelling and spending their time here in Utah.

Senior Hannah Howard plans on spending her weekend down in St. George with the girls in her church group. They are going to go to Tuacahn and play in the sun.

“I’m super excited because I love watching plays and I can’t wait to get out of town,” Howard said. She is not the only one who’s going to St. George, though.

Senior Candice Clark is also going to the south end of the state for the weekend. Rather than going to Tuacahn though, Clark is going boating.

“I’m excited because there’s no school and I love boating with the fam,” Clark said.

While both Clark and Howard plan on leaving town for the break, other students plan on staying in town and enjoying themselves.

Senior Audrey Oldroyd says she is just going to stay home, watch YouTube and work over UEA.

“I’m basically just doing my anti-social stuff I always do and I’m just fine with that,” Oldroyd said.

Some other plans and ideas for UEA are going to Frightmares at Lagoon, visiting family members, playing concerts, going hunting, and of course, catching up on sleep. Whether you are going out of town, or staying home, there are lots of things to do this UEA.



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