Throwback to Childhood

You open the package and giggle with glee as the smell of wax hits you. There they all are lined up perfectly in rows. They’re each sharpened to a point, just right for coloring. You go back and forth on which one you’re going to use first, and finally decide on baby blue, a classic. Sound familiar to you? This is a look back at a common childhood memory.

Whether it was good or bad, each of us had a childhood. For some it was filled with cupcakes, Barbies and glitter, for others it was filled with mud pies and horseback riding. Some people had a happy medium. Either way, many of us gained stories that will stay with us forever.

The students at NS have many different childhood memories, so it’s time to look back on the years that were childhood.

Senior Hannah Bartholomew has a story that begins with building shelves. She was six years old and was visiting her uncle. During her visit, the family began building some shelves in her uncle’s storage room as she patiently watched. After a while she turned around to go grab something from upstairs, and as she did she was smacked in the head by something.

“It knocked me over and I ran to my cousin crying and she freaked out because I had blood pouring down my head,” Bartholomew said.

Bartholomew had been hit by a 2×4 board that had fallen over as she walked past.

“I don’t really remember much after being hit because I kept passing out,” Bartholomew said. “I still have a scar from it.”

Bartholomew is not the only one who has suffered bumps on the head. Senior Kensi Kimball got injured as an infant.

When Kimball was three years old her family lived in a mortuary, as her parents were paid to answer the phones at night. One night Kimball and her mom were coming home from grocery shopping. The mortuary janitor was sweeping the floors next to the staircase, which had a casket sitting on the banister.

“As we started ascending the stairs, he accidentally knocked the casket off the railing and onto my infant head,” Kimball said. “I ended up with a crack in my skull.”

Kimball still has a scar to this day. While Kimball and Bartholomew were receiving wounds and scars, senior Skyler Rocco was experimenting.

When Rocco was younger, he and his friend would always do science experiments for fun. One day, the pair grabbed a bottle of GermX and a match.

“We poured GermX all over in his sink and lit it on fire,” Rocco said.

The boys believed that GermX fire was only visible in the dark, so they decided to test out that theory. To their luck and relief, the house didn’t burn down, and they were never caught.

“To this day I don’t think either of our parents know we did that,” Rocco said.

Just like Rocco, Kimball, and Bartholomew, we each remember a different story about our childhood. While each story is different, in a way, each of our childhood’s were the same. We each have some memory in common, we just have to find it.


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