New student moves from England, enjoys life in the US



North Sanpete has had lots of excitement this year with hosting two foreign exchange students, but it now it welcomes a student all the way from England.

Vee Bennetts is a junior this year. She moved here to live with her cousins for this simple reason of disliking England.

“Schooling in England is hard,” Bennetts said. “You get five hours of homework most nights.”

Bennetts enjoys doing things that are inventive and require imagination.

“I like art, I like to play the piano, I like to write songs, and I love acting,” Bennetts said. “Basically, if it’s creative I probably like it.”

Bennett’s older sisters played a big part in making her love to do art.

“My older sister was the first student in England to get an A+ on her art GCSE,” Bennetts said. “And then my second oldest sister was really good at it.”

In England, students are required to take a test call the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Bennets compares it to our ACT test, but much harder. The high-pressure test took its toll on many of Bennetts’ friends and family.

“Everyone is miserable and grumpy,” Bennetts said. “When my sister was doing her GCSEs I had to be like super nice to her.”

By the time that it was Bennetts’ turn to take the test, she didn’t have the kindness from her older sister that she showed.

“By the time I was doing my GCSEs she was doing her A Levels, which are even worse,” Bennetts said. “I had to be super nice to her and she could be an absolute swear word to me.”

Moving to new places often has its downsides. But she is able to keep a positive attitude in part because of her pets.

Bennetts has two pet ferrets, an albino male named Achilles and another called Addeline, who according to Bennetts is a ‘little brat.’

“My ferrets are monsters,” Bennetts said. “They like to nip toes. It’s their way of trying to get you to play with them but it hurts. They have very sharp teeth.”

While she dislikes England for its crazy tests, she does miss the weather.

“I miss the rain,” Bennetts said. “It doesn’t rain here.”




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