Clowns terrorize US along with those in Utah

On Sunday, August 21, a terrified mother in South Carolina called the police because her sons said that they saw a scary clown. She said that her younger son had said that a man in a clown costume asked if he wanted to go into the woods and his older brother confirmed it.

Clowns have been in the news a lot recently, including rumored sightings in Payson High School and in Ephraim. The rumors about what the clowns are planning to do have frightened many people.

Some say they just do it either be cool or have school cancelled like they show in many other states.

“I think they are super scary and if I saw one I would run and never look back,” sophomore Katie Kjar said

After this there have been a total of 16 other events that have been caused by the clowns, some involving changing the law, murders, and kidnappings.

Many reports say that the way the clowns work is simple; they ask if you want to go into the woods and offer you some cash.

Many other reporters say they do this for many reasons, some being anxiety, it’s a reality game, a social media fad and some even say it’s not make believe. Some think that kids are just copying one another so they look cool.

“I think a lot of it is just copycat,” said Greg Peterson, officer at NS. “They hear about it across the nation and think it would be smart to do it here.”

One of the problems is they can’t identify any of the clowns so they can’t investigate it. They have no real evidence and no real people. Every time they think they have a real killer it turns out to be some teen pulling a prank.

While there are many pulling pranks, many states are starting to ban hoods that cover your entire face and masks. This new law is enforced for anyone 16 years or older.

“This is still the land of the free and the home of the brave, so they can’t just take away the right to dress up; we all have the right to carry a gun,” Peterson said.

Speaking of weapons, most clowns have been spotted with knives and machetes; there are some students that think they may or be able to hold their own against the clowns.

“First thing that I would do is my job; who brings a knife to a gunfight?” Peterson said.

While there are those who just don’t really care. They feel as if they think that they don’t need to do much to survive.

“Well you know; I usually have my door locked, so they won’t be able to get in anyways,” math teacher Jed Brewer said.

The police are doing as much as they can, so while there are still clowns, even though some may be jokes, remember that there are few of them and many of us.

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