Student’s vehicle on fire in school parking lot

Last night, a student’s vehicle was engulfed and destroyed by fire in the high school parking lot.

The vehicle, a 1997 Toyota Tacoma, belonged to senior Matthew Ricks, who got the unfortunate call late last night.

“I got a call from Isaac [Peterson], who said, ‘Hey, there’s a car on fire in the school parking lot,” Ricks said. “‘I’m going to check it out.”

Shortly thereafter, Peterson called back.

“He called back, and was like, ‘Matt, that’s your…truck,’” Ricks said. “As soon as I got that call, we got in a car and hauled [butt] down to the school.”

The truck was left at the school after Ricks lost his keys at school that day. Ricks suspects arson, though he is unsure as to who is responsible.

“I’ve had it a year and a half, [and] I’ve never had an issue with it before,” Ricks said. “I swear someone torched it.”

The fire completely destroyed Ricks’ vehicle, and immediately got the attention of law enforcement. According to Ricks, two cops and a fire crew were on the scene, and an investigation as to the cause of the fire is pending. The vehicle was taken from the scene, though there is some debris still in the student parking lot.

Luckily for Ricks, his insurance is likely to pay for the truck, and he is hoping to get a new vehicle soon.

“I’m hoping for an upgrade,” Ricks said.


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