Senior Reaching Lifetime Soccer Goal

Senior Angela Clayton is coming close to scoring 100 goals in her high school soccer career.

Clayton has been playing soccer since she was about six years old and has since fallen in love with the sport.

“I’ve been playing soccer since the first day I came out of the womb,” Clayton said.

Because Clayton always had fun playing soccer throughout little league, she decided she would try out her freshman year for the school team.

“[I decided] my freshman year I would surprise everyone,” Clayton said.

As Clayton progressed each season, playing got more and more difficult for her because she was remembered from the last time they played a certain team.

“Other coaches would memorize my number and they would put three of their defenders on me at all times,” Clayton said. “It wasn’t as easy to get through and make a goal.”

Because of the intense number of guards on her, it has become increasingly hard for her to score. Running through these guards has become nearly impossible, so she has had to change her strategy.

“Sometimes she tries to dribble through ten people,” Head coach Nicole Tew said, “But I think that if she learns to pass it to the wings and then have them pass it back into her, then she will be more successful.”

Clayton has sacrificed many things in her life in order to be on the soccer team.

“It takes a lot of my time,” Clayton said. “I’ve missed out on some things because of practices and games.”

Between juggling being a soccer captain, school work, and being the SBO secretary, the stress can sometimes be overwhelming. When Clayton gets stressed she always has the support of her family to help buoy her up.

“I’m really lucky,” Clayton said. “My parents support me in just about everything I do.”

Soccer doesn’t necessarily come easy for Clayton. She works hard at on the field and off the field.

“I work on soccer for about an hour outside of practice,” Clayton said. “Whether it be watching film or working on footwork.”

All of her hard work has paid off. Senior Makenzy Palmer, a captain alongside Clayton, admires her dedication.

“I really like working with Angela because I know that no matter what she’s going to give it her all,” Palmer said. “That effort makes me and the team better.”

Although Clayton is usually successful, one of Clayton’s most memorable experiences is where she missed the goal.

“One time we were playing Carbon and I hit this girl in the face and her nose broke,” Clayton said. “I felt bad so I kicked it out of bounds.”



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