“Pokemon Go” captives NS students along with people around the world



The game that shaped many friends through the ages. This game is called Pokemon.

The Pokemon game was created and brought to the US from Japan on February 27, 1996. It was introduced to the US after it completely took over Japan. The creator Satoshi Tajiri wanted to create a game in which people could catch and train 151 unique creatures.

Tajiri was so fond of catching little creatures such as insects, frogs and toads. Tajiri was born and raised the urban part of Tokyo. Tajiri created the game so kids can have the same thrill he did when he was a young boy.

Pokemon Go was developed and published by Niantic. This company is in San Francisco and is popular for creating virtual reality games. It was created in 2010 with the assistance of google, then creator, John Hanke, decided to ride solo.

Three out of five kids at the school say that they don’t play Pokemon Go because they think it’s dangerous, boring, or they just don’t have time.

“I don’t play because it’s dangerous,” freshman Lissete Rodriguez said.

While there are those that do not like the game, there are those that enjoy the game very thoroughly.

“I think the app is super cool; I just don’t have very good phone service here,” William Bachman said.

With many kids not playing there are many that know of it. They heard of the application and what it does but they decide not to play.

“I heard about it in late summer, kind of like early august,” junior Jordan Henson said.


As many kids are playing this game there are many accident going on. There were two young teenagers in Guatemala that were hunting and were shot down for not looking around, with incidents like this there are those that think the app should be shut down and those that think otherwise.

“I think people should just stop being stupid,” teacher Jori Turpin said.

Pokemon has been an amazing game for decades, the thing is that there has been so many question about why it took so long for the world wide game to become an app.

“They probably tried to keep up with the technology. They had to wait to create the Poke stops and all the Pokemans,” Henson said.

The most popular player on the show, and games is Ash Ketchum. He always says that he is going to catch them all and the kids at NS might think the same.

“I usually make my little brother play for me,” Henson said.

While this game has its ups and downs it still seems to please the kids, teenagers, and adults of today’s time. So as long as there are still Pokemon to find, there are going to be people to find them.


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