Twitter account created to combat negativity at NS

With the exception of a few people, the vast majority of our generation has become isolated, negative, and rude. Students have found that getting these emotions out through social media is easier and more convenient. Currently, students are using Twitter as an outlet for these negative emotions.

Many teens tweet and this has led to the creation of pages on Twitter based on NS, including some accounts that only post negative, inappropriate information, and rumors about NS students. In order to combat the negativity, someone has created Happy Hawks.

Happy Hawks is an anonymous account that was created to spread positivity and kindness among the students. The owner of the account, in addition to tweeting, has made posters about students which hang in the hallways.  Students appreciate that Happy Hawks uses their power on the web positively rather than negatively like other student-based Twitter accounts.

“I love Happy Hawks,” said junior Tylar Larsen. “It’s a great way of giving recognition to those who don’t typically get a lot of attention and boosting their confidence.”

Happy Hawks, like many other student-based accounts, has decided to keep their account anonymous, and that’s part of what students like about it.

“It kind of takes the fun out of it if you know who writes about you,” said senior Acewin Surca. “The mystery is the best part.”

The admiration of the account’s secretive identity is based on the fact that the founders of Happy Hawks don’t receive any recognition for their kindness and attempts of bettering NS.

“What inspired us was the horrible pages that only target and humiliate our students,” said Happy Hawks. “What keeps us going is the feedback that we receive from the students. For us, that’s more than enough.”

It is important to listen to the words of the school song, telling students to be united. The students of NS should understand the message that Happy Hawks sends out: NS is full of good, and if you can’t find it, then you should be it.

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