Reporter enjoys foreign foods at local restaurant

Das Café Food Review

There is a hidden treasure in Spring City. The German restaurant Das Cafe is sehr gut.

Located at 33 N Main St, Spring City, Das Cafe serves both breakfast and lunch.

Gerold and Christa Schroeder have brought their authentic German recipes straight from Germany. Their two daughters, Caroline Lott and Katy Harmer, run the restaurant.

You are getting real German food served by real Germans.

You sit down in peaceful Spring City in a comfy little Cafe, surrounded by local artists’ artwork, while you wait for your meal.

I was excited to see my plate come. The Belgian waffle had arrived.

The waffle was a beautiful piece of artwork. Topped with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, the whole thing was covered with heaps of whipped cream.

The first bite was delicious, so was the second. I savored every bite until the last one. I felt great to be eating something delicious and healthy.

The warmth of the waffle and the sweetness of the syrup and fruit was amazing. I was extremely sad after I had eaten the last bite, but it was a big waffle so I was satisfied and full.

The average meal is about ten dollars for a four star meal.

My only wish is for it to be open at night. Unfortunately it is closed about the time we get out of school, 3 O’clock If you can eat there at the right time, then you will get to enjoy a fantastic meal.

I strongly recommend Das Cafe to all German food lovers and even to the German food haters. It has great food and great service.

I give it four stars and four thumbs up.




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