NS students and teachers prepared for spring break

Ahh Spring. A respite from the cold winter months. As schools let their students out for

spring break it is a way of giving them a second wind so they can buckle down and finish the last months of school, specifically the upcoming weeks of testing.

Spring break has been a week long affair for the past several years, as it had previously only been a four-day-weekend over Easter. According to a survey conducted at NS, 26% of people would rather have the break be shorter, because the days spent in school rather than in spring break transfer to days added onto summer vacation. However, the majority of students at NS prefer the longer break.

“I like how it is because if it was shorter, people wouldn’t really be able to go out oftown,” said junior McKenna Murphy. Murphy is going to be spending the break visiting family in Idaho, and doesn’t feel that a couple of days is long enough for family time.

Additionally, 72% of students want the break to be over Easter. Sometimes, when Easter is in April, the district plans spring break on another week in March. However, it is clearly important to students for them to be able to enjoy Easter over spring break.

A little over half of the students are planning on going on vacation, and of that 14% aregoing out of state.

“We are going to Las Vegas,” said junior Kage Burgess. “I think we’re just going to hang out and go to the strip.”

A few are even going out of the country, sophomore Sarah Applegarth being one of them.

“We are going to Mexico,” Applegarth said. “I’m going with my family and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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