Drill team thrives despite challenges, setbacks

This year’s drill team consisted of 21 girls. The songs that these girls performed to varied from “Madhouse” by “Little Mix” to the late 1970s teen-film “Grease.” After countless 5 a.m. practices, halftime performances, and hard work, the Spiriteers ended their season by placing 4th at Region Drill.

Although the team did not place in state or score as high in region as they have in the previous years, the team still maintained a positive attitude and tried to manifest their passion and dedication to the audience during these halftime performances.

“This year has been really rough for us, the only thing that we desired was to give it our best, and I feel like we did that,” sophomore Kailee Burgess said.

The team faced many challenges this year including several personality clashes.

“Every sport that shares that amount of time [with all] girls will eventually encounter drama,” junior Madison Larson said.

Drama was not the only conflict that the team faced this year. Two weeks before region, the team had a huge setback and lost three girls due to injuries and grades. They were then forced to drop numbers in the dances, change formations, and work twice as hard to earn a spot in state.

“We had a hard time keeping a positive attitude throughout the season because we faced many challenges this year,” drill team captain Mari Kaibetony said. “However, we didn’t give up. We kept on working hard and found a way to overcome those challenges.”

The Spiriteers aren’t the only ones responsible for the team’s improvement, their coach, Alisa Cheney, played a major role in the team’s success as well.

“I love working with the girls, and I am very proud of how far they’ve come,” said Cheney. “They are my world, and I love them to the moon and back.”

Not only does Cheney love working with the girls and being a part of their success; the girls love working with her as well.

“I like spending time with the team, especially with our coach. She helps us unite,” Kaibetony said. “She truly is like our second mom.”


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