Jeff Ericksen – When I was Your Age

Jeff Ericksen-1991

        Jeff Ericksen is now the vice principal of the high school. He attended NS nearly
27 years ago. He helps us make use of our time now just as he did then.

Ericksen was an outgoing student in high school playing basketball, football, tra
ck, and tennis. He a
cted in the play “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” taking on the role one of the brothers. He also sang in the choir and was the Vice President in the student body.

Ericksen thought about going into physical therapy because he was fascinated with the human body. He ended up teaching health, coaching tennis, and is now the Vice-Principal at NS.

He was asked what is different today in high school than when he attended NS. He explained that we enforce the law more today instead of the constant hazing that went on.  

“Back in the olden days you used to get away with things,” said Ericksen.

However, not everyone got away with everything. As a teenager  in Mrs. Mowers English class, Ericksen sat choosing to talk in class along with many others. He usually was a good kid but that didn’t prevent his fate.

Mrs. Mower divided the room into two. The good kids on one side, and the bad kids on the other. Mrs. Mower then turned her back on the chatter bugs, including Ericksen, and just taught the good kids.

Although this has changed, Ericksen says what he likes most is how much our school has stayed the same. The same traditions, the same school song, the same school.

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