Rickie Stewart – When I Was Your Age

1841_001Rickie Stewart-1999

Rickie Stewart participated in anything she could or wanted to at NS. Stewart says the more involved you are the better experience you will have.

She can clearly teach by example having played volleyball and basketball. She also participated in FBLA, National Honors Society, Student Government, and was a Sterling Scholar.

“Life is better in all aspects if you are busy,” said Stewart.

Stewart said what has changed at NS is our social aspect. We now have better technology and with that comes power and responsibility.  

“Social media is a useful tool, it just depends on how you use it,” said Stewart. “Some use it to do and say things they would not say anywhere else besides behind a screen.”

Stewart wanted to be a Pharmacist when she grew up because she really liked Mr. Staker’s Chemistry class and  wanted to make a lot of money.

Stewart was a very involved person, but one day at an away game of basketball she fell down the bleachers and sprained her ankle.  

“Of course my friends were laughing because they were jerks,” said Stewart. She was injured before she even was able to step onto the court.

Stewart also had some pretty strange things happen to her, including witnessing a three-legged-dog chasing a pig through town. Stewart said that she had a great time with her friends in high school.

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