When I Was Your Age

When I was your age.
Landon Bailey
Graduated in 2001 and is currently a language arts and health teacher at NS. While in high school, Bailey participated in football, basketball, baseball, track, and choir. When Bailey was in high school he wanted to have a career with the FBI. There are a few differences from when he was in high school and how high school is now. “There weren’t really any cell phones and we had to actually communicate with each other,” said Bailey.
Another thing that was different when Bailey was attending high school was the fact that classes and grades were separate. Freshman definitely did not hang out with seniors. Seniors were actually mean and could do all sorts of things to the freshmen.
Bailey had some different experiences happen to him in high school. “I was about to get a 4.00 but then Mr. Staker gave me an A-. I begged him, but he still gave me an A-,” said Bailey.
“When I was a freshman I had to stand on top of the pop machine and sing the school song.” said Bailey, and “once I had to push an M&M down the hall with my nose.”
“I ran for student body and lost,” said Bailey.
“My sophomore year I was playing football and it was the second game of the season, and I was catching a kick off, I got hit in the back and lacerated my kidney. I got put into the hospital for a month and in intensive care for two weeks and almost had to remove it. I was very lucky and hey I scored three touchdowns that night,” said Bailey.
Paul Allred
Graduated in 1990 and is currently the art teacher at NS. Allred participated in drama and tennis. Allred was asked to be on the hockey team in Bountiful. “I wasn’t aggressive enough for hockey,” said Allred.
“I did participate and compete in pair skating and later in ballet,” said Allred.
When Allred was in high school, he wanted to be an archeologist or an actor. There are a few differences from when he attended high school and how things are now. “Students have a problem with respect… and entitlement,” said Allred.
Allred had some interesting experiences. “We were in Mr. Staker’s class and we were dissecting frogs. Our group, which was all guys, had the only female frog. We made it look like it was smoking, and Staker came over and got mad,” said Allred.
An interesting fact Allred pointed out was “in front of the art class was the hangout place. Look where I am now. I got far in life,” said Allred

Tyler Bailey
Graduated from high school in 1998 and is currently employed as the history teacher at NS. Bailey participated in football, basketball, baseball, choir, musical one year, freshman class president, and student body president. When Bailey was in high school, he was undecided as to what he wanted to pursue as a career. “I had no idea, but looking back my teachers made me want to teach,” said Bailey.
When Bailey was in high school, he felt there were fewer cliques and grouping of students. “Kids nowadays seem to be more “cliquish” so to say.” said Bailey.
There is also a big difference with social media. Bailey does feel like kids are more open now then students were when he was in high school.
“Students may not know this but Wheelers use to have a buffet. Every Thursday almost the whole football team would go down at lunch. They would have ribs, scones, fried chicken, and potatoes. We would go into that back room and there would be plates piled high. We went on Thursday because we had no practice on that day,” said Bailey.

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