Social media proves to be a double-edged sword for NS students


Social media has changed the world entirely. Now, instead of going to your friend’s house and talking face to face, you can take a quick picture, add a caption, and there’s your conversation.

Due to this, we live in a world where people are brave enough to say things to a screen, but not face to face. Of course, this isn’t the rule. Some use social media as a positive outlet, while others use it to bully others.

“It can be good and bad,” Anna Staker said.
An example of the harm of social media is a twitter account called Sanpete Confessions. The account is committed to bashing people, usually students from one of the local high schools.

As of Jan. 12, another account was created to combat the negativity of Sanpete Confessions. Known as Happy Hawks, the account posts good things about juniors or seniors.

“It’s so cool–I like it.” commented Burgess.

They have posted six times this week and, within the last two days, have received over fifteen favorite.

Due to the abundance of new slang terms, it can be assumed that the account is being run by a student rather than an adult.

With the ability to post anything at anytime, with the option of being anonymous, it is important to remember to be kind and safe online.
“Think about what you post, because once it’s out there, it’s out there forever,” Staker said.

It is important to recognize that no matter how fast a picture disappears Snapchat or even if you delete your post on Instagram, everything is saved to a database.

Along with that, it is important to remember the basic internet safety tips: connect with people you trust, change your privacy settings to avoid giving information to strangers, keep certain important information private from everyone online, don’t broadcast your location, and don’t click on links unless you know where they lead.

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