NS chooses seniors Farnsworth and Andersen as students of the month, January 2016

Every month the teachers come together to choose one male and one female that should be recognized for being a valuable asset to the school. This month, seniors FEATURES.StudentOfTheMonth.AE.edited2Benjamin Andersen and Jessica Farnsworth were both nominated.

Andersen has been active for his entire life. He started with gymnastics when he was younger and is now on the NS swim team. He became interested in swimming eight years ago while watching the Olympics and he’s been doing it ever since.

Andersen started the NS swim team and has personally averaged second place in all of his races. But he doesn’t just focus on his own success; he motivates his teammates.

“I like to encourage them to do better. They’re dying and I’m like “faster, go faster” in the nicest way possible.” Andersen said.

He doesn’t just swim competitively, he’s a lifeguard at Snow College and he teaches swimming lessons. Andersen also has a GPA of 3.387 and is currently ranked 49th out of 118 seniors.

While Andersen is athletically accomplished, Farnsworth is more musically inclined. She plays the piano, violin, flute, piccolo, and she sings soprano in the NS concert choir. She also is the Music Sterling Scholar.

Farnsworth started playing piano when she was in 2nd grade and started violin lessons while in the 6th grade. She has had many violin recitals and has participated in many solo and ensemble groups.

In 8th grade she taught herself how to play the flute and now continues in the NS band. While participating in the class, she has taught herself how to play the piccolo. She also takes a turn in conducting the NS marching band.

Farnsworth participated in All State Choir with three other students; Larissa Beck, Tucker Allen, and Nathan Hindes

“We sang all day with only two breaks for lunch and dinner, but it was so much fun.” Farnsworth said.
She has gotten an academic scholarship to Southern Utah University and plans to major in music.

Farnsworth is academically accomplished as well as musically. She has a GPA of 3.944 and is currently ranked 6th out of 118 seniors.

Besides being well accomplished, both Farnsworth and Andersen are well respected by their peers.
Their classmates Landon Glasgow and Rose Unferdorfer have nothing but positive opinions of their peers.

“They’re always there. They always take time out of their day to help you. They’re always super positive and kind.” Unferdorfer said.

“They’re hardworking and dedicated. They’re just great examples to me.” Glasgow said.

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